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Pharma Export: The Process Explained and the Value it Adds to the Market

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If you are looking for Pharma Export, a separate article contains full basic details on the process of pharma exports from India. If you read the aforementioned post, learning the export process for prescription medicines will be simpler for you.


How Can India Export Medical technologies?

You must meet a few certification/documentation criteria if you want to enter the medicine export from the India market. For instance, a registration, GST identity number, licensing number for a drug, etc.

They will be identical to domestic pharmaceuticals as well. In addition to this, follow the following steps to export medications from India:

IEC Certification for Pharma Export

The IEC (Shipping Code) Number is the first important criterion. This number is provided for all import and export pharmaceutical products. You must apply to the Director General of Foreign Trade where your business is based.

Without an IEC code, no items may be transported into or out of a country. Only licensed pharmaceutical companies are allowed to pharma export medicines from India by our foreign trade policy, thus the corporation must apply for an Import Export Permit and enroll with the Director-General of Foreign Trade.

Regulatory Conformity

Businesses must examine the laws of the nation they are exporting from and formally register their goods there to prevent problems later. They must acquire the same clearance from India’s drug controller general after receiving it from the country that is importing the goods.

This is crucial since medications and medications are important products that might affect consumers’ overall health and well-being.

Market Investigation and Pharma Export Planning

Business owners must make contact with individuals in the import and export  pharmaceutical products from India after they have all the necessary documentation to find a vendor or buyer who is interested. Pharma Company owners should investigate their options and select an appropriate shipping plan.

Valid Documentation

Here, the buyer will provide a proforma invoice with the confirmation mail that contains information about the product, how much packing is required, and the delivery address to the pharma export companies in India. The firm must next produce a proforma invoice to be filed by this purchase requisition or Letter of Credit, according to how they intend to fund the order.

Easy And Trustworthy Shipping

Business owners must get into a contract with the shipment or freight transportation provider to ensure efficient order fulfillment. To minimize unnecessary delays and problems, exporters should only send their goods through recognized companies.

After the completion of the documentation process comes the last stage of customs clearance. By working with an agent, you may accomplish this effectively. The same holds for delivering products to the importing country, where they may be distributed as necessary after passing through customs.

Where Can you Get a Valid Pharma Export License for Medicine?

You must first get permission from the Indian government to export medication from India. There are a few things you should keep in mind, but the license application procedure is rather simple.

Here is a brief explanation of how to accomplish it. You must first get a license application form from the Indian Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT).

The form is available online at or by getting in touch with the DGFT directly. After you obtain the form, complete it and submit it along with the amount required by the form back to the DGFT. You must next provide evidence that your medications adhere to all of the safety requirements established by Indian authorities.

This evidence might take the form of paperwork from your producer or supplier and lab test results attesting to the safety of your medications for export. Lastly, if the Indian government needs to approve your medications specifically, you will need to submit the required papers.

How Much Does a License to Pharma Export Cost?

You should be aware of the expense of obtaining a license if you want to export medicines from India. Although getting a license might be an expensive and time-consuming procedure, it’s crucial to keep in mind that you have a constitutional entitlement to do so.

This is a short tutorial on how to export medicines from India lawfully. You must first decide if you are qualified to obtain a license. Your business must fulfill specific conditions, which include holding a legitimate license to manufacture and distribute medicines in your nation of origin.

If you can demonstrate that the goods you’re exporting aren’t subject to any limitations, you could still be eligible to apply for a license even if your firm doesn’t currently have one. The very next step is to fill out an application once you have established that you are qualified for a license.

Ensure you have all the required paperwork before submitting your IEC application because the application procedure might take a while or more.

Fees must also be paid for your licensing application as well as for each product you want to export. You will be informed of your license status as soon as your application is accepted.

Documentation Needed for India’s Pharma Exports

Many statutory and regulatory regulations control the export of prescriptions from India. For instance, the Export Control Act of 1975 (ECA) regulates the export of technology and restricted items.

Drug exports are governed by the Food and Drug Administration of India (FDA). In addition, the export of pharmaceutical items is governed by several bilateral trade agreements involving India and other nations.

You must first get a license from the relevant government body to export pharmaceutical items from India. Also, you might be asked to submit some supporting material for your application.

Restrictions for Importing Indian Pharmaceutical Goods

Exports and imports are important for any nation’s economy and progress. It is not expensive to import pharmaceutical items into the global market from India, but there are regulatory restrictions that must be met. The following are the requirements that must be fulfilled by importers under the law.

  • The importer often does not need a license, however foods that are considered nutraceuticals do.
  • The business may speak with the FDA and ask for a license from the US Food And drug regulations, and the Drug, and Cosmetic Act.
  • After obtaining a license, an individual is required to notify the FDA of the items they wish to import via a prior notice outlining the importation.

It’s time to complete the two pieces of paperwork that will be required to discharge the goods at the port to complete the importation process. The consignment’s entry summary and the pertinent invoices used to determine its value are

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